Monday, August 23, 2010

Three Little Words

What more could you want?
There's something about a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich...the way the clearly identified ingredients come together in a harmony of flavors that more than multiplies those three simple items into a symphony of taste.  The possible variations on these specified ingredients are seemingly limited only by imagination.   Have you seen the one they're serving at dp?  Or did you realize that an entire cookbook was devoted to this sandwich dubbed "America's Favorite?"  There must be something going on this week, perhaps the moon is at  a nearly full phase mimicking a huge tomato in the sky, because even Daniel over at the Fussy Little Blog has had BLTs  on his mind. 

I probably  eat only one or two of these exclusively summer sandwiches a year.  I don't know if the rarity of my eating a BLT is more a function of when I have the components on hand in their optimum state or, an unconscious impulse to limit my consumption to preserve their elevated status as seasonal treats.  Sometimes limiting access keeps things special, don't you think?  

Well, yesterday was my day to indulge and I may need to change my tune regarding frequency of BLT gratification - how could I ever become immune to the charms of the BLT?  Crunchy, whole grain toast, between a smear and a dollop of mayonnaise, crisp, warm bacon, thickly sliced tomato lavishly seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper and bright green arugula - one of the most masterful assemblies of fundamental ingredients ever.  Go make one.  Right now.


  1. I cannot believe I have yet to have my annual summer BLT. Don't get me wrong, I splurge at lunch every now and again and order one from the diner, but it's not the same. Gee... there is currently bacon in my fridge and a farmer's market tomorrow. Serendipity?

  2. You foul temptress. I've got my bacon ready. But no tomatoes until I pick them up from the CSA tomorrow afternoon.

    I'm guessing the dp folks are using their stunningly good Berkshire pork bacon and heirloom tomatoes on their sandwich. If I'm right, that would be mighty tasty. But I didn't see anything from the link.

  3. I share your passion for these scrumptious sandwiches. Please be advised that the best and IMHO, only, bacon worthy of my tomatoes and bread is Dakin Bacon from Dakin Farms in VT. They deliver via internet. It is the best!

  4. @GP - You are right - it isn't the same unless you make it at home. And timing is everything!

    @Daniel - I'm trying to get a photo from (Domi)Nick of their version of a BLT. Sorry to tease - it looks divine on Facebook.

    @Linda - Specialty bacon? Way to kick it up a huge notch! I can only imagine how you'll be filling your days in the near future.

  5. This just makes me sad-- I gave up eating pigs and cows a while ago but still got to enjoy great BLTs thanks to Applegate Farms organic turkey bacon at the park slope food coop. Now that we live in Albany, I cannot find ANY decent turkey bacon. There is NONE. I am hoping the Fresh Market has something similar to Applegate Farms or Trader Joe's turkey bacon, because you are right, summer is the perfect time for a BLT or two or five.

  6. I'm sorry but that's just wrong. There are *two* slices of bacon on that sandwich. Everybody (meaning me) knows that the perfect BLT has at least four (and if no one is looking I add two more) slices of bacon. ;)

    The best local bacon in my so humble opinion is from Oscar's smokehouse in Warrensburg. Most of the small shops near me sell it. Though I do have some frozen Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon in my freezer that's just as delicious, if not just a wee bit more so...


  7. @Anon - Sorry about the turkey bacon thing. I'm sure you've tried Honest Weight, how about some of the larger Farmer's Mkts?

    @Jennifer - But...if I eat 2 BLTs I get 4 pieces of bacon. Just trying to fit in my shorts for the rest of summer!