Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A to Z in the DelSo, Part I

Walking through the DelSo today, I was inspired to attempt an A to Z tour of my neighborhood.  I had some conflicts - sometimes there were hard choices in what to feature, usually with letters I wouldn't have anticipated struggling with like "U" and "V, " but, I selected my favorites or those I wanted to highlight as being part of a hip up-and-coming neighborhood.  This was a really fun project, particularly with a 5 y/o whose name thankfully starts with "Q", and I encourage you to give it a try in your neighborhood.  Feel free to share your personal favorites.
The awesome Delaware Avenue branch of the Albany Public Library

Botanica Ada's - I've never actually been inside this intriguing shop, but I'm getting there - soon.
Cardona's - my source for delicious Italian gourmet items.
Davey Jones - a place for beautiful fish and art


  1. my 10th grade did lesser known world religions as a final project. i totally know the in depth history of santaria so consider the botanica a double hit, i would love to peep it.

  2. oh, thats me, emily by the way.

  3. I would have known your dialect anywhere, E. We'll go together and then catch Yas and make her serve us.

  4. Love, love, love this idea! I just might have to try it with my kids, especially since I am always on the look out for creative activities that make them have to think. :)

  5. The thing that gets me is that the new branch of APL used to be a funeral home... how's it look inside?

  6. Thanks, Kelley!

    AJ - It's pretty cool inside, particularly in the back reading room. They don't use the Dewey decimal system, so everything is organized by topic sort of like a bookstore. Lots of dvds, too!