Thursday, August 19, 2010

A to Z in the Delso, Part IV

Finally - a conclusion to the alphabet.  You knew it was coming and where it was going to end, so, without further ado, I bring you R-Z.

In the DelSo we Recycle.  It makes it really weird when we visit places that don't recycle.  Really weird.

I can't say I've gotten any Shoes here.  Yet. 
Although I'm past that "going out and drinking too much and then eating whatever crap is available" stage of life, I'm sure some DelSo-ites take advantage of the Taco Bell option.

The hours are a little odd, but we've still got a U.S. Post Office.
Terrific Vietnamese food and have you tried their amazing coffee??
Turducken sandwich?  Fried chicken and waffles?  Yes, please, Wine n Diner!


I've got nothing...other than taxi service and Stanwix Street.  X-cuse me.

Yoga - check out the Sunday Sadhana, 9:30 - 11, rotating teachers,
class fees donated to various charities.  Feel good all over!
Zinnias!!  They seem to be the flower of choice this year and look at these beauties.


  1. Loved this series of posts...How about X for new X-walks? (The crosswalks are looking pretty schnazzy these days).

  2. I was pointing out your A-Z selections to my husband this afternoon as we were driving down Delaware Ave.

  3. @Dawn - What a great idea! Should I go back and get a photo of the new x-walks or just let it go? I am such a fan of the x-walks, too.

  4. @Liz - Do you have any favorites? Feel free to share!