Saturday, August 14, 2010

Food on the Cape

When we visit Cape Cod, our traditional-number-one-place-where-we-always-eat is the Lobster Pot in Provincetown.  Be it lunch or dinner, we always enjoy our meals at this landmark spot and a trip to the Cape would be incomplete without at least one meal here.  The menu is extensive but we always get seafood and I usually get one of their amazing bloody Marys, which, in my mind, pairs perfectly with fish. I've sampled and recommend their chowder, the sauteed calamari, the baked stuffed lobster, and the tuna sashimi.  Everything we've ever been served is fresh and meals are accompanied by family style salad service.  Do not miss their sesame salad dressing!

We don't often get more than one date night when we're vacationing with the kids, but, as they get older, I imagine we'll be able to ratchet this up a bit.  The last few years we've devoted our night out to The Wicked Oyster, but I'm thinking we're going to expand our horizons after this year's experience.  I don't often have buyer's remorse after a meal, but the first thing I thought of the morning after our dinner here, was the crap piece of fish I had been served.  I should have sent it back and I started the day annoyed, which is not good.  The food wasn't bad it just wasn't what it should have been - our beet salad tasted a bit dirty, the sea scallop appetizer was ok but seemed to be overwhelmed by the corn relish and the fish of the day entree (halibut) was a joke.  The piece of fish was so thin on the ends that it was crunchy and the middle was more than a little dry.  I'm sorry that they served me an inferior piece of fish and I'm more sorry that I didn't send it back and give them an opportunity to correct their error.  The duck confit salad was delicious, but we'll probably give this place a pass in 2011.

If you're looking for a casual meal with something for everyone, PJ's is the place.  I'd been trying to resist my urge to eat fried scallops, but, the day I finally caved it was at PJ's, and I have no regrets.  The food is prepared to order and includes some terrific fried chicken for the landlubbers.  Our family of four ate really well for less than $60 which is a feat on the Cape.  This place is definitely busy, but we like to slip in for a late lunch/early dinner at 4 pm or so and generally don't wait long.  Also a good spot for ice cream and milkshakes frappes.

The Beachcomber in Cahoon Hollow is the only place in Wellfleet where you can take a  beach break and climb a dune to get a meal and/or drinks.  There is nothing fancy about this place, and you'll be surprised how quickly the check adds up, but the fish is fresh and the drinks are strong - what more do you want?  I like their fish tacos, their chowder and the steamed mussels.  They also have a raw bar and I swear I ate the best oysters of my life there last week.  Despite being a hardcore live music venue, this is the place my kids always want to go to - why fight it?

We've spent a lot of money over the years at Emack and Bolio's in Wellfleet, but this year I heard about a fairly new spot in Truro for ice cream and we gave it a try.  Sweet Escapes was certainly a good addition to our ice cream options and we very much enjoyed their eclectic flavor combinations - the salted caramel flavor was fabulous and there are some other intriguing flavors that I'm looking forward to trying next summer - hello, lavender fig, I'll be back.

Now that you know some of our favorites, please share yours.


  1. I was wondering where that ice cream place was...we'll be going there for sure. Top of the Pot was always my Dads #1 favorite spot for lunch and drinks of course! I still like Macs Shack for date night although I've heard good things about Pearl too. And a day spent at the Beachcomber is always pure bliss even with the $100 (or more depending on how many trips to the raw bAR) lunch tab!

  2. So disappointed to hear Wicked Oyster is going downhill... I have been looking forward to our "date night" there this September ever since we left the restaurant last September. Will have to try someplace else this year. (Our family loves The Lobster Pot, too!)

  3. @Karen - The ice cream place is on Rt 6 on the right side going from P'town to Wellfleet. Your Dad definitely had good taste. Get a bloody Mary at the Lobster Pot, if you haven't before - fantastic.

    @Ellen - I was sooo disappointed at the Oyster this year and I feel like part of it was my fault - I should have sent that piece of fish back. Let me know where you end up - and have a wonderful time. Vacationing in September is every teacher's dream!

  4. Mac's Shack in Wellfleet.