Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things I think about when I'm cleaning...

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When I was single, I kept a pretty darn tidy home.  Perhaps my neatness was the result of the importance my mother always placed upon cleaning and chores.  My brother and I were given numerous responsibilities as small children and, as long as I can remember, my chores included putting my laundry away, polishing my shoes and helping with the family's laundry.  As I added men/boys to my life, I've had to relax my cleanliness expectations to maintain my sanity, but some days I go into a hyper-cleaning mode.   Today was one of those days when everywhere I looked, I saw something which displeased me... the little grates on the microwave... the vegetable bin in the refrigerator......the blades of the ceiling fans... As I again wished that our former cleaning woman could get legal immigration status, I dove in and began neatening up the external in the hopes that the end result would be a cleaner house, as well as a more tranquil mind.  For the record, I don't dislike cleaning, I just have a tendency to approach cleaning in a manner that is a bit ADD which prevents me from accomplishing as much as I would like.  Particularly when thoughts like those below are streaming through my head at about 100 miles per hour.
  • Why can't we simply throw away (recycle, donate) things we do not need or use?  Is it really necessary to hold on to stuff in a quasi-Purgatory?
  • I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner but even without the commercials, I would know a man designed it.  It works great, but it isn't always intuitive, to me, how to dismantle it to use the "wand."  And, please don't call it a "wand" if it doesn't involve magic.  I hate to be disappointed.
  • When is this great "paper-less" society going to begin?  I'm so sick of paper and mail and catalogs and don't get me started on the campaign literature... I must admit, however, that I struggle with discarding personal notes and cards I've received and I would like to think that if I sent you something you would want to keep it, too.
  • If we could discover a means to use dust as a source of power it would be the ultimate form of renewable energy.
  • I know that one day I will miss cleaning up the boys' splashes in the bathroom, but, right now I'd be happier if they just had better aim.

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  1. Catalogs, unwanted junk mail, and especially this time of year, campaign mailings never make it into my house...they immediately go into recycle. The catalogs are unwanted as I have told these people that I appreciate their stuff online. You cannot imagine how much clutter this takes care of! Try it out- it works!