Monday, December 13, 2010

My favorite Lark Street event - The Santa Speedo sprint.

I've loved Lark Street ever since I moved to Albany 20+ years ago.  When I was first visited the area and found myself having brunch at the Beverwyck, I knew that Center Square was where I wanted to be and concentrated my housing search in that neighborhood.  I like the architecture, the shops and restaurants, the wide sidewalks which are often filled with characters and personalities, the cool city feel when residential and business meld together...  It just all adds up for me.  The only time I don't like Lark Street is during Lark Fest - I just can't abide the public drunkenness and sloppiness.  I'm all about having a good time, you know that, but is it really necessary to get falling down, publicly urinating drunk?  I find it more than a bit repulsive (like old guys and young girls, icky), and generally avoid attending Lark Fest, Lark Street's biggest event of the year.  Fortunately, however, I've found a new Lark Street party which I am more than willing to attend; the Santa Speedo Sprint.  Although this year's run was the 5th annual, it was the first that I've witnessed and I had a blast.  The crowd was fun, spirits were high and the sun was shining.  People were definitely in a partying mood, but there weren't any of those rednecks who seem to populate other Lark street events.  You know, the folks who apparently only have access to alcohol one day a year and are therefore committed to consuming enough booze to hold them over for 365 days, those people.  Anyway - none of those people were there and, in their place, were really fun Albanians celebrating an event that manages to combine festivity with charity.  And, isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Santa Speedo Run 2010


  1. I think the crowd is better because its a run.

  2. That is probably part of it,Melinda, but it is a very short run. Just long enough it seems.