Friday, March 25, 2011

Elissa Halloran ~ Lark Street

Elissa's creations
You know how I enjoy little traditions in life, right? Have we talked about this before? I can't say they make sense to anyone but me, and whom I may share them with, but I like the familiarity of there being a consistency in some of my actions. Like listening to Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" at high volume, with the sun roof open, as the boys and I cross the Bourne Bridge on our way to Wellfleet every summer. And Christmas morning would certainly not be the same without bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon. A more recent tradition in my life is purchasing 40th birthday gift necklaces for my girlfriends at Elissa Halloran's wonderful shop on Lark Street. As you might imagine, I haven't been doing this for that many years, (I mean, how old do you think my friends and I are?) but it is a ritual I intend to continue because Elissa always seems to have created something appropriate for a significant birthday celebration.

I've got another one of these milestone parties to attend this weekend in New Paltz, so yesterday I made my way into Elissa's - and check out the cool stuff she's featuring presently! Now, she's best known for her amazing, unique jewelry pieces, but her store is truly a treasure trove brimming with one of a kind things. In addition to a full selection of jewelry, she also has vintage items, art in the form form of pottery, paintings and photographs, an awesome selection of scarves and cool hats, and a tremendous variety of consigned clothes. Yep, you could definitely devote some time to poking around this place and walk out with great stuff for little dollars.

check out the beaded head piece!
Yesterday's haul included a special necklace with a beautiful mother-of-pearl pendant that just seemed perfect for this weekend's birthday girl.  I'd show it to you but then she'd see it and I'd have to undo Elissa's wrap job - sorry, not going to happen.  I also bought a gorgeous handwoven scarf with colors which reminded me of Easter eggs - pinks, soft blues and ideal little gift for a friend who has been sharing her home and wardrobe with me in recent months.  Lest you think I only indulged my friends, check out the amazing, must-have-been-made-for-me, beaded headpiece I picked up for myself.  It is definitely an item that is a reach for me to wear, but I fell in love with it (funny, how spring seems to offer new opportunities to fall in love!) and I'm hoping to work it into my accessories wardrobe with frequency.  Maybe it will be my new signature piece?

I tried on a great dress, but ended up leaving it behind - my life isn't really offering me opportunities to wear long dresses these days, but it really was stunning.  It was a nude dress with a sheer black overlay, and featured these beautiful copper colored paillettes -  and it was brand new!  I did pick up an adorable black cotton skirt with sequins along the hemline for a mere $7, exactly how much I want to spend on clothing which will ultimately be worn for work at the Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark.  Through the weekend Elissa is selling off the winter clothing items at 50% off as she celebrates her 10th anniversary.  Get yourself there already.

feather handbands
neat accessories to wear or use decoratively
i'm a sucker for something sparkly


  1. Thanks for showing me a new place to get sparklies! :)

  2. Wish I lived close by.. Definitely up my alley!!!