Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magical time

I think I've got a pretty solid relationship with time.  I respect it, try not to waste it and appreciate the power it can wield over situations which may initially appear unchangeable.  Although it may sometimes deservedly own its spot on a list of four-letter words, generally speaking, me and time are good.  There are occasions when it moves at a rate of speed that may seem too fast or too slow, but, like many other uncontrollable elements of our proscribed lives, I find it best to accept it and do my best to work within its parameters. (Despite my being pissed off twice a year when we manipulate the clocks as we did this morning.)

If you're under the impression that time moves too slowly as the greyness of March creeps along like a melting glacier, let me give you a photographic example of what a difference a mere week makes.  
last week, trees encased in ice
today, my little patch of earth coming alive

It's been a long autumn/winter with lots of snow, both literal and figurative, swirling around in my life.  I entered the season most typically related to hibernation and, instead of slowing down and becoming dormant, I opted to renew my commitment to having a life well lived.  I realized yesterday that I've made it to the city at least once each month since October - a real feat for me, one that I swear soothes my soul while stimulating my brain, every single time.  Not to be a bummer, but I need to have another little piece of something removed from my neck later this month.  I am convinced that this will be the last time this will be necessary because after months of turmoil, and years of repressing the struggle between my heart and my head, I feel like my internal compass is in accord with the direction I am facing - forward.  The procedure is scheduled for the last day of March, which makes me happy.  I can turn the page on the calendar, confident that time has worked its magic, and am incredibly excited about what the future offers.  Don't go anywhere - there are definitely more tricks up my sleeve!

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  1. Ok, I'm done with anonymous comments. Silvia, dear Silvia, I love your blogs.