Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flowers in the Museum - not in the attic.

How about that Steven Tyler? I have to admit, he has made watching American Idol fun all over again with his crazy exclamations and genuine respect for the contestants. But, this posting isn't about AI - it is about the annual NYS Museum Flower I attended last weekend, like I attend this event every single year. The organizers really know what they're doing by planning this display of gorgeousness at a time of the year not known for much local natural beauty. My favorite part of this show, aside from the recipient of the proceeds (the after school program hosted by the museum), is the clever way the flower designers take cues from the installations, both permanent and temporary. My favorite year for this show was when it coincided with a quilt show - amazing combinations of riotous colors and patterns were present that particular year, believe me. Overall, I enjoyed the show, as always, although I did miss seeing pieces by Renaissance, a florist which generally has a pretty large presence at this event. Anyone else go this year? Maybe I just missed David Schmidt's work somehow? A gloomy day like today is the perfect time to feast your eyes on the slideshow of pictures I took. At least that's how I'm trying to justify the delay in posting the pictures - see I wasn't unmotivated, I was saving them for you!
NYS Museum Flower Show

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