Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lark Street is for Lovers - and art and kids

On Saturday I actually was able to bring my youngest child to an event on Lark Street without fear that he would be visually assaulted by public urination (no, Quinn, it isn't ok for people to pee outside.  Unless they're camping, of course) or intoxicated revelers.  Yes, as you could probably tell by the rainy forecast, it was Art on Lark - remarkably enough being held for  the 15th year. 

hello, awesome t-shirt
Q and I didn't have much of a game plan other than to catch Olivia Quillio's set and do a little tie-dying at the Albany Art Room.  He was a bit miffed that his soccer game had been canceled (go AYSO team Kicking and Screaming!) and promised me he wasn't going to have any fun making art.  I have to tell you, it is amazing what a little one on one time and a hot dog can do to cheer up a frustrated athlete, because he most certainly (and admittedly) did have fun.  We started with a Lark Street lap, beginning at Madison Avenue and going as far as Spring Street, at which point the passionate rage of the poets compelled us to turn around and head back south.  Along the way, we browsed the art offerings, and grabbed the aforementioned hot dog and an order of fresh spring rolls from Kinnaree ($5 for 2!) for me.  I regretted  not bringing more cash with me in my attempt to travel light, but I did buy an awesome shirt and a bar of special, handmade soap.

Olivia Quillio doing her thing
We made it back to Lark Street to catch most of Olivia's set and I was seriously impressed.  I'll be keeping my eyes open for another opportunity to see her, believe me. I totally spaced that Alta Mira was following her and missed my chance to see them, but I imagine there will be another time in the future.

Our final stop was tie-dye central at the Albany Art Room.  For $10 we got a white t-shirt and assistance with creating the masterpiece pictured here.  Seriously, if that's not a well done tie-dye, I don't know what is.  Q must have gotten some sort of latent Grateful Dead gene from his dad or maybe even his godfather.  Either way, I'll be keeping an eye on him as his chronological age catches up to his coolness age, trust me. 

Despite the sporadic rain, it was a great event and I hope the vendors were able to make a little money while they were making this Albanian proud of her city for hosting such a quality event.  It would be wonderful if Albany's elected officials could ensure that more of the city sponsored events were family friendly rather than family repellent.  Because, despite my little man's attempt at being resistant to enjoying himself, he definitely had a good time.  Yep, that's my boy.

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