Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yes, Q, I feel the same way.
I'm not gifted when it comes to mathematics, (unless you need to know what 20% of a check is), but, for what I believe to be the only time ever, all three Lilly boys celebrated commencement milestones this month.  First up was Q as he made the big leap from Kindergarten to grade 1.  Naturally, the ceremony was adorable and the kids were so excited to sing their little hearts out.  I was relieved that it wasn't a full out cap and gown extravaganza, and there was a bitter sweetness to the ceremony knowing that my little man was on his way to the numbered grades after his years of classrooms identified by mere letters.  He made some buddies this year and I love having him within walking distance of his school, because in the fall, G, his walking partner, will be making the longer walk to middle school.  Yes, middle school.  
G. Love

Those  of you whom know G, know that he is more than ready socially for college middle school.  The jury is still out to determine if he is going to completely follow in my uneven footsteps academically, or if he will benefit from the wisdom and experience of two parents who want him to use his talents for good rather than mischief.  The middle school years are pretty critical for setting a kid up for high school and further educational endeavors.  I hope that those honors courses he is registered for will hold his attention, and keep him hanging with the right crowd. I am confident that ultimately he will do well, and that undoubtedly he will always look good even if his behavior is less than perfect.

An excited L.
And, my L, off to Albany High in the fall.  It is nearly unbelievable that the boy who didn't walk until he was 17 months old and who has required assistance his entire academic career, is heading to high school where he will be in the Innovation Academy.  Bravo, L.  We're all so very proud of you!  He will continue with his honors level social studies coursework and is ridiculously excited to navigate his way to school using public transportation.  We'll see how that's going in the dark days of January...

Life is a series of beginnings and endings.  It is  wonderful to have three reminders that the celebration of  a chapter's conclusion  is often the best way to prepare for what comes next. Because after all, while commencement generally describes an event acknowledging the completion of a life chapter, commence does, after all, mean to begin.  Perhaps this year, we've all graduated.

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