Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mountain Jammin'

me and my Laker guys
A few weeks ago, I got my Groupon and picked up a ticket to the annual Mountain Jam music fest down in Hunter, N.Y.  I've heard tales about the good times to be had - music until all hours, camping, rain as soon as Franti hit the sounded epic and I wanted in, especially since some of my best friends were also going to attend.  After a morning playing Soccer Mom and my first recreational bike ride of the year (so lame, I know), I jumped into my wagon and headed south, taking the scenic route, of course.

so that's where Santa hangs in the off season
Scenic, actually, could sum up the event.  The setting was beautiful, the weather comfortable and there were lots of interesting people all over the place.  I parked in a satellite lot, for free, and took a comfortable shuttle bus right to the gate where I hooked up with my guys.  I had downloaded a cool Groupon app to my phone and merely had to display a barcode to get my ticket, which, naturally I had to take to yet another window to trade for a wristband.  Whatever - it was still a definite improvement to the days of printing, don't you think?  Especially since I couldn't seem to find the power cord to my printer and was stressing about what to do...  An aside - how much longer until we simply have chips implanted and scan-able? 
a beautiful June evening

this looked fun until the person lost a shoe...bummer

barefoot as usual, Franti
I don't know how many shows, much less "Festivals" you all attend in a year, but I find that there are less and less compelling reasons to go concerts.  I mean, I've seen almost everyone I'm interested in seeing, at this point in time.  I would like to see Adele and I will always see U2 when the opportunity presents, but these days, it's all about the chance to hang out with my friends.  In all honesty, the music is secondary to the laughter we share when we get together.  And, to be able to say that after 30+ years of friendship, is a genuine privilege. 
Government Mule
So, the was music great - Michael Franti put on his trademark upbeat, yet politically aware, show - and it didn't even rain.  He had the hillside audience on their feet the entire set and he created a positive vibe that, for me, contrasted strongly with the next performers, Government Mule.  I've seen Govt Mule before and enjoyed them, but on Saturday I was feeling pretty buoyant and they kind of dragged me down a bit with their weightiness.  I just wasn't feeling it and I had an hour drive to contend with, solo.  I bid farewell to my friends (see you at Treetops to Rooftops!) and headed north.  Satiated by the music, the excellent chicken pita wrap, and a few hours with my besties. 

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