Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mangez Montreal

Until last weekend, I hadn't been to Montreal for about 5 years.  My last visit there was during the dark GWB years when we packed up the family and fled to Canada for Thanksgiving - a small protest made memorable by our turkey Peking Duck dinner in Chinatown.  Obviously much is different these days - we're all a little older, our family dynamic has evolved and the Canadian dollar is kicking our American dollar's ass.  Case in point - a lunch consisting of 2 orders of Steak Frittes, a bottle of dry rose' and a tuna salad plate, set me back more than $120 American.  Yes, really.  

$25 of steak frittes
Griffin very much enjoyed his late lunch despite there being salad on the plate, and not enough steak for his appetite.  The lunch definitely hit the spot, but maybe it  was the cold wine on a hot day that charmed me, as we sat outside at a table overlooking the pedestrian walkway of Place Jacques-Cartier.   Naturally, seeing as how Griffin wasn't quite full from lunch, despite my mommy generosity in sharing my steak, we required gelato to top him off prior to our evening's adventures.  It was our bonne chance that just what we needed was right next door to our hotel.  The tiramisu did it for me, while G was more than happy with his cone of stracciatella.  I have to say, I was a tad proud when he ordered an Italian flavor  of gelato in a French speaking city.  These boys of mine are going to be fine...
Yum, like a smile, is the same in every language, oui?
This was my first experience with Montreal in full out summer and it was certainly hopping on a late Friday afternoon in July.  Of course, this was a huge weekend with an expected 80,000 concert goers, in addition to the normal summer tourism traffic, beckoned by the city's great public spaces, museums, dining spots and attractions.  I need to get back there -rapidement!

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