Friday, July 22, 2011

Thompson's Lake

Holy hot, huh?  I know I've mentioned before that for some unknown reason (general contentment, perhaps?) the heat isn't really bothering me this summer.  Actually, I've kind of enjoyed it.  That being said, getting out of Albany and into the hill towns holds a certain appeal on a 90+ degree day and a recent trek to Thompson's Lake made everyone happy.

The drive from the DelSo up to Thacher Park takes about 25 minutes, significantly longer than that if you're riding your bicycle as the boys' dad enjoys doing.  Pretty impressive, honestly.  

Thompson's Lake is a State Park which offers all sorts of amenities such as rowboat rentals, playground equipment, volleyball courts and picnic and camping sites.  And, of course, a sandy beach.  If you're so inclined, overnight camping will set you back $24.  For us, though, it was an afternoon escape and that comes at the bargain price of $7 a carload. 

For a sunny Sunday afternoon, this place was not incredibly crowded.  We were able to park directly across from the bathrooms (Score - real bathrooms!) and had no trouble finding a spot on the beach that even offered a bit of shade.  The water was comfortable, the lake mostly free of weeds and most important, there was a lifeguard on duty.  This summer, I very much feel as if we've turned a corner in maturity and swimming competence.  I actually brought a book and even got through a few pages before dozing off for a power nap. 
Aside from being a perfect beach for those with small children, I imagine this spot would be a lot of fun for a group of more grown-up folks to gather.  The mere drive would be scenic any season of the year and worth your time.  So, if you're looking for a place to cool off during this genuine summer we're experiencing, give this place a shot.  And, for you hardcore cyclists, a dip here might be the perfect way to break up your ride.

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  1. I haven't been here all summer, but we usually camp here once a year. And we love the row boat rentals.

    I dream of the day I can take a little nap in the sun while the kids are swimming.. but until that day, I'll be happy for you. :-)