Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When you live next door to artists...

My original Ragsdale
About 2 years ago, our next door neighbors put their house on the market.  During the brief time the house was for sale, I sometimes imagined who the new perfect neighbors might be.   The sellers were a nice enough couple with three children, but we certainly didn't have much in common with them.  I decided the ideal new neighbors would be a gay couple - kind of artsy, perhaps more accustomed to traveling and eating and drinking than the current owners.  A bit more fun, for lack of a better word.

When I learned the house had been sold to a couple, I was a tad disappointed, picturing more of the same traditional and conservative behaviors I had witnessed for the preceding dozen years or so.  But, then I heard the new neighbors were artists.  Now, you're talking my language!  Welcome to the neighborhood, new friends.

Having Ken and Lori next door has been awesome.  They are social and friendly and thoughtful and completely eclipse the previous folks in terms of neighborliness.  We share a milk box and bottles of wine, and Ken has been generously mowing my lawn this season.  Of, course, he can't simply mow in an up and down fashion because, like I said, he's an artist.  He has taken it upon himself to mow in an artistic fashion.  This week's design was a challenge from me which Ken executed beautifully.  Check it out - herringbone!

Don't you wish you lived in the DelSo, too?  Stay tuned for more images in this summer series...

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