Saturday, October 22, 2011

Banana-chocolate chunk muffins

In my continuing quest to avoid turning on the heat, I become a prolific baker.  There's nothing, other than a fired up furnace, that warms up a home faster than the smell of baked goods or roasting meats or veggies.  Since my children are dismal failures when it comes to eating the bananas I buy with such optimism, I generally end up tossing them into the freezer for later use in baked goods or indulging them with fruit smoothies.  Drink that banana, suckers. 

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This morning I was looking to cozy up the house and lift the gray cloud that has taken up residence over my head in recent days.  Between the fragrant aroma wafting throughout my home and the happiness with which the boys greeted the fruits of my labors, I'd say mission accomplished. 

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I have a couple of different recipes I depend upon to use up bananas seeing as how "I'm not your little monkey anymore," Quinn Lilly, is no longer a reliable source for banana consumption.  Today's came from Epicurious and was easy as...muffins.  I've been using Nestle's dark chocolate chunks recently and I love the larger, darker hunks of chocolate in pretty much everything I bake.  I've not seen them at Price Chopper but Hannaford in Delmar has them. They taste pretty good right out of the bag.

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