Monday, October 3, 2011

Think pink - and positive
You know that PET scan I had the other day?  Well, as with many things in life, there is good news and potentially bad not so good news.  The area of my neck where tiny malignant things seem to like to grow is clear.  No signs of any additional issues, which means at this point I can avoid having my neck cut into for the fourth time in less than 10 years. However...

I've learned over the years, that when a physician's office calls with test results and they don't leave a message, there may be a problem.  Seeing that missed call on Friday and not seeing a corresponding voicemail, caused me to pause.  And pick up the phone and call the ENT's office.  Looks like there was some uptake in my breast area and I need to get a mammogram, despite just having had 2 in May.  So, today I will call my primary doctor's office and ask for a referral and schedule an appointment to have my breasts squished between those metal plates for the third time in less than 6 months.  

As far as PET scans go, I'm 2 for 2.  But, I know that if there's anything there it is early and I am confident that all will be fine.  And - how perfect that it is October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you know me in real life (as if I'm an enigma virtually!) you know that I'm not one for trends, but this situation couldn't come at a better time of the year. For me and you ladies out there. Do your breast self exams and get that annual mammogram!  Early detection is key.

As for me,  I'm going to wear pink every frigging day.  If I'm not outrunning cancer mentally by literally taking a run wearing my hot pink ear buds, I'll be wearing a pink scarf or sweater, or socks or perhaps a favorite piece of hot pink under-attire.  Pink?  Oh, it will be there.  And we'll hope that's ALL that is there.  

Check out this recent SEEN gallery from the TU.  Survivors are everywhere.

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