Monday, October 3, 2011

Donut Picking

Q: Why are donuts round?
A: So you can slip them on around your waist!

My friend, Emily once described these delicious treats as fried fat and sugar. Yep, pretty much sums things up. This past Saturday I devoted my morning to exploring the nuances of cider donuts as I (and my mini me, Quinn) joined the 2nd annual Tour de Donut organized by Daniel Berman of Fussy Little Blog fame. It was quite a sacrifice of sleep and a commitment of time, once you factor in the 3+ hours for eating, driving and socializing, as well as the amount of time it took me to run 4 miles post-donut binge. All worth it.

I will allow Daniel to sums things up in his inimitable style - he promises the post will be up this week and he seems to be quite a reliable sort. I'll just offer some photos from the day and my opinion on what was best, leaving, of course, knowing "what's good" to Daniel.

Ready to eat donuts.  And ride a Harley.

Stop #1, 9 and 20, East Greenbush
Our first sample - nutmeggy

On the road to Goold's

100 years!  This was our first time there.


Where I stopped on the way home...that's a hint.

I love the little imperfection - see the evidence of the donuts once being connected?

They bonded over an imaginary nuclear bomb - and sugar.


Ah, glistening fat...

Samascott - curiously brown and whole grain-ish
And crumbly

Cutest logo

Cakiest donuts


  1. I went to the Regional Market in Syracuse once (it's a huge farmer's market). There was a long line at the one doughnut lady's booth. I got in line. When I got to the front, she pulled a warm crispy cider donut right from the frier, dipped it in cinnamon sugar mix and handed it to me in a few paper napkins. It was the most orgasmic donut I've ever eaten. When you go to see your brother - go there!

  2. my fav is Indian Ladder Farms - also baby animals!

  3. @Linda - I have been curious about that regional market. Thanks for putting it on my list of things to do in Syracuse. Last time I was out there I thought riding my bike to Skaneateles sounded like a fun idea. It wasn't. Them market sounds like it would be!
    @Ms. Garlic - I like Indian Ladder but it just gets way too crowded for me unless I can get there on a weekday. We went to a bday party there once and it was great fun! Who doesn't love baby animals?