Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scariest things at Fright Fest

Yesterday afternoon the boys and I headed up to the Great Escape's Fright Fest in an attempt to get into the spirit of Halloween.  We had been persuaded to buy season's passes for 2012 by what seemed to be a pretty good deal - $49.95 per person with free parking for the year along with admission to Fright Fest.  I figured if we made it there twice it would be worth the cost.   I guess I still feel that way after our experience yesterday, but, I definitely have doubts about how many more times we'll visit this place beyond next season.  Let me share with you the most frightening aspects of our time at the park.  Regrettably, I did not snap a photo of the most horrific thing I saw: a milkshake at the Ben & Jerry's concession was $7.99!!!  Yes, a single penny less than 8 dollars for a milkshake.  Now, that is some frightening stuff.  And I saw people who looked they could neither afford the expense nor the calories seemingly happily sucking them down.  How scary is that?

Really, really long lines.

Are these deceased employees or park guests who waited too long for a ride?

Little Lillys on rollercoaster*
 *The Comet wasn't running nor was the Bobsled ride.  Not a lot of options.

Performances which were impossible to see due to lack of a stage or crowd management.

Boys not getting everything they wanted!

The thought of G driving in a mere 4 years.

The Ferris wheel rotating with only 4 of the 20 cars filled

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