Wednesday, June 2, 2010

High Line

It seems like I've been hearing about the High Line for awhile. Kind of a buzz that keeps growing in volume until it can no longer be ignored. A recent overnighter, with the girls, in NYC provided the perfect opportunity to finally explore this abandoned elevated rail line - and it really was spectacular. The High Line begins at the 34th street between 10 and 11th Avenues, but this northern piece is not yet open to the public. The accessible area, known as Section 1 runs from 20th street to Gansvoort and has a number of access points, including elevator service at both 14th and 16th Streets.

The day we visited was hot and sunny, yet the breeze coming off of the Hudson made the walk completely tolerable. The path was bordered with flowers and decorative grasses and there were panoramic views of the skyline and the river. We were concerned that the sun would be too blazing hot, but, honestly, it was delightful, even on a morning after a night of tequila. There is an area that is semi enclosed where the wind was downright gusty, but we had no choice but to pause and admire the beautiful stained glass mosaic windows that lined one side of the "shed."

As a park, the High Line is very much a work in progress. A water feature is currently being constructed and, obviously, there are about 14 more blocks of rail to be renovated and opened to the public before this attraction can be considered "finished," but, if you're looking to gain a new perspective on Chelsea, don't hesitate to visit NOW.

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  1. We just happen to be headed down on Saturday, what a great tip...can't wait to check it out!