Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday Supper!

It seems like a looong time since I've cooked a family meal, but Sunday was an excellent time to jump back into things.  How about those storms?  It really was a wonderful day to hang around the house watching the London broil marinate, making a few quarts of chicken stock and folding bushels of laundry.  Last week Price Chopper had the London broils buy 1 get 2 free, so we took advantage of that deal and tossed a couple in the freezer while reserving one for family night.  I marinated the beef in kecap menis (Seriously - have you gotten any of this yet??  What are you waiting for??), ginger, balsamic vinegar and fresh thai basil for most of the day before tossing it on a hot grill for approximately 15 minutes.  I must say, the steak was beautifully cooked - medium rare with a bit of a "crust" on the outside due to the carmellization of the palm sugar in the marinade.  Delicious! 
I paired the beef with some fiddleheads I found in the crisper.  I honestly think they've been in that drawer for about 10 days, but they survived their exile pretty well, and they sure were tasty after some time spent in the pan with bacon fat and minced garlic.  Ok - so what wouldn't be tasty with bacon fat and garlic? 

This was our first "open" Sunday in what seems like weeks of commitments and I couldn't have enjoyed the day more.  And, finally, 4 of the 5 Lillys at the dinner table ate the main course without bribes or threats.  The littlest Lilly is still balking at  meats, but he did some damage to a bowl of egg noodles drizzled with chicken stock.  I pick my battles, and if he prefers veggies and carbs to being a carnivore, I can certainly live with it.  Hope you all had an equally relaxing, pleasant Sunday.

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