Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solstice Sipping

Last night, the official start of summer, was also supposed to be the inaugural event of Tom's birthday week celebration.  The plan was to meet friends at the Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark Street, to enjoy their Pagan discount and share Tom's natal holiday with friends here in Albany, since we'll be out of the country on the actual day.  However the fates transpired to muck up our plans - Tom was called in to work and Quinn was feverish and ultimately pukey.  Plans were canceled and I prepared myself to spend the evening cuddling my little man on the couch while dodging any vomiting recurrences.  

When I first arrived at home, Q was passed out on the couch putting off a good sweat.  He woke-up about 5:30 and I offered him a cool cloth for his head, which he accepted with a grateful head nod.  After about 5 additional minutes of quiet time, he sat up and requested a donut, which he proceeded to scarf down in no time.  I watched him dart around the house for about 90 minutes, with no signs of feeling ill, before I decided to revisit the idea of sharing a beautiful bottle of rose' on the longest evening of the year.  Wine Bar, here I come!

As would be expected, the place was hopping, and Yas & I had to wait a few minutes for a table on the back patio.  No worries - Kevin recently upgraded the A/C and the inside temperature was very refreshing.  We made it to a table, ordered a delicious bottle of wine and paired it with a cheese and fruit plate for a perfect "welcome summer" sort of meal.  I know, the picture is completely washed out and apologize.  Here's a better picture.  The wine was from Domaine Lafond in Tavel, aka The Cradle of French Rose', and was a blend of 3 grapes, Grenache, Roussanne and Viognier.  If you haven't caught the Drink Pink* wave yet, you really should.  Trust me, nothing tastes better on a summer night than a dry rose'.

*Drink Pink is the theme for the summer in the DelSo.  Notice I didn't specify which summer...

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  1. Oooh, I'm glad you made it out there after all! I personally like you picture of wine better - it looks way more refreshing with the water beading up on it.
    Now I think I know where I'll be headed after Art On Lark!