Saturday, June 5, 2010

Troy Farmer's Market

Since soccer was canceled due to weather (?) and I am on temporary gym restrictions, I finally had a chance to get to Troy for a visit to the Farmer's Market. I really wish we could make it to this special market more often, but perhaps it remains a treat because we get there so infrequently. I was on a bit of a mission yesterday seeking pumpkin plants for the new raised beds the neighbors put in their over-sized yard. Of course, I couldn't simply limit myself to such a small task, especially when there are delectable, organic leafy greens and strawberries available. And even though my deck has been decorated with colorful flowers for a few weeks already, I could not resist buying a big pot of cheery zinnias for $5. Also for $5, I bought a loaf of jalapeno-cheddar bread for the hubby to assist in his carb-loading in advance of the 75 km bike ride he was scheduled to complete on Sunday. It is a little disturbing how quickly money flies from my pocket when I shop at one of these markets, but it is gratifying to know that the $$ are going directly into the hands of the producers of the bountiful produce and goods.

An incomplete list of items available this week at the market: maple products, plants and flowers for gardens/pots, early root veggies, cider, herbs, greens, cut bouquets featuring peonies, baked goods, handmade marshmallows and craft items and prepared foods.

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