Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lou Bea's is Back!

Between a lack of decent pizza and an excess of road construction, we've suffered here in the DelSo for many long months.  I am happy to report that there is a light* at the end of the tunnel and it is getting closer.  To begin, family favorite Lou Bea's Pizzeria, has reopened almost a year after a serious fire.   The interior has been reconfigured and there are some nice high-top tables if you're looking to have your meal to stay rather than to go. The boys and I hit it up the other night, for take-out, and are happy to report that the pizza tastes exactly the same! Crisp crust, appropriate amount of cheese, nicely seasoned tomato sauce ...same as  it ever was.  When I arrived to pick up our order, I was a little perturbed to discover they were offering a special which would have easily fit into our dinner plans - 18 wings, large cheese, 2 liter bottle of soda all for $18.50.  Note to self: when ordering, inquire if they are offering a daily special.  No biggie - the boys devoured the pizza and the dozen wings we ordered (at a couple more $$ than the special) and Lou Bea's has regained its spot at the top of their list for pizza takeout.  Just in time for football season!  The wings were okay for me, but I really can't judge a place on mild wings and that is how the boys take them.  I did like the dryness of the wings - I don't like an overly sloppy wing and these definitely were not too messy. 

I personally still prefer Pasquale's for pizza, but, since it is a bit pricey, I'm happy to once again have a wonderful neighborhood option.  We're also looking forward to giving the new kid in town, Pizzalo (the former location of Papa Gallo's and most recently Vinnie's, aka the worst pizza I've ever had) a shot.  Their sign still says "coming soon," but walking by, it looks ready to go.  The dining options in the DelSo continue to expand, and, since we've got such a marvelously walkable neighborhood, there's no reason for our waistlines to expand.  Way to go, DelSo!

*Speaking of light(s) - have you seen the beautiful new lampposts being installed along Delaware Avenue?  Gorgeous!


  1. Vinny's was okay, but the owners could be real jerks.

    I'll retry Lou Bea's, although I stopped going about a year or two before the fire. Something changed in the crust and the pizza crust didn't have the same flavor or texture, and the cheese was different. But I have hopes that after the fire they returned to their old ways. Fingers crossed. Before that they were my hands down fave in the area.

    I think it would be a little bit of goodwill if they noticed a customer was ordering a special and gave them the pricing of the special.

  2. wasn't there a gallo's on new scotland across from st. pete's?

  3. Yay! We have missed them tons and look forward to having them back in our pizza rotation.

  4. @AJ - Agreed about the special and pricing. I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it to the counter girl, but I paid more and got less which always is a bit sucky.

    @Waniac - Seems like there are Papa Gallo's around town although I haven't been to that neighborhood recently. More importantly - have you had their pizza and is it any good?

    @Liz - The more options for pizza, the merrier, right?

  5. Went to Lou Bea's for lunch today. It was OK, but not as good as year's past. I agree with Jane about the crust. That spice shake around the edges is still there, but something is different.

    Passed Pizzalo on the way there. They had an open for business sign up.

  6. the flavoring on the crust is just a bit weak. it had a stronger garlic taste in years past. maybe they can tone it up. also, when ken owned the joint, ken made the pies. now there are a few different people making pies so it's not as consistent. but i still love it!!