Monday, October 18, 2010

Looking Ahead

I guess I could be curled up in a little ball right now, practicing deep breathing as I attempt to clarify what I'm feeling and thinking, but, it really isn't my style.  While challenging situations aren't something I purposefully seek out, I have to believe they happen for a reason, and I find that often, surviving the shit storm is secondary to understanding and accepting why the skies chose this precise moment in time to rip wide open.

Through bad example, I've learned that letting go of the painful to ensure there is enough emotional space for the more joyous moments in life, is the way I prefer to live.  I've taken a few hits recently and there has been the temptation to wallow a bit, but every day that dawns brings me to a better, stronger self awareness, beginning with the knowledge that I really don't know where any of this is going to go.  Living in the moment is an incredibly difficult task for me, yet so worth working towards.  I think that the true realization that there is no predicting where things will be next week or next month or next year, allows space for right now to be present.  And that's what I'm working on. 

And, I've got some exciting news to share.  Beginning Monday, November 1st, I will be working Monday nights at the Lark Street Wine Bar and Bistro - with Jason Baker!!  It is going to be odd to be returning to the very same block where (I like to think) I held court for the past 8 years, but I am so looking forward to the opportunity which Kevin Everlath made available to me.  Stop in and see me!


  1. how precious it is to be in the moment-being present and offering your presence, fully, at any given time. i applaud your willingness and efforts at remaining open during this time. it can be so easy to wall yourself up and really dig into the pain and sadness that you can feel when you're feeling hurt. to be snarky and snide, rather than warm and gentle.

    i support you (and myself) in staying in the moment, not focusing on the unknown/unknowable, and choosing to act from joy and kindness rather than fear.

    and i can't wait to see you at the wine bar. :)

  2. My daughter loves that place! Now I have an even better excuse to go.

  3. Squee! Now I will definitely have to stop by. Another one of my friends works there, too!

    By the way, I really appreciated your comment and agree - we have definitely passed each other many times on the road down state, travelling time and space.

  4. Give Dan at the wine bar a hard time for me:)