Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lakehouse Halloween Party

My Joan Holloway Harris Impersonation
Last night's annual Halloween Party, hosted by Matt Baumgartner and Chris Pratt, was the usual rollicking good time party goers have learned to expect.  Costumes were mandatory and ran the gamut from super clever (loved the Scooby Doo Velma girl) to the trampy (there were way too many females there who made me wonder if they forgot their underpants) to the down right disturbing - I'm talking to you, creepy guy in the clerical clothing with the small child attached to your groin!  Eeeewww.  The music was great, although my ears rang for hours post-party, and my night was made when Matt, in his bunny outfit, laid a sweet little kiss on me.  Let's not tell him I didn't recognize him until like 10 minutes later, ok?  Not that I would just let any bunny kiss me, but... 
The bug juice was scary sweet - way too easy to drink.  I only had one of those bad boys due to the fact that I got  jostled and ended up wearing at least half of it - I took that as a sign to not wear drink anymore of that dark pink potion.  The beer was good, though and I happily quaffed one of those. Okay, maybe one and a half if you take into account the sips I stole from Quagmire.  

These parties (Champagne in the Park, Halloween, etc) in the park are such a wonderful way to bring people together in a space which is unfortunately underutilized. I only wish it happened more often.

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  1. I wish I knew you were being Joan. I was her for a Mad Men season premiere shindig and I have the perfect earrings.