Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday Friends

For about 30 years I've exchanged birthday wishes with my dear friend, Brian, who had the courtesy of being born a day before me, thus ensuring he will always be my elder. Through the years there have been cards exchanged, in person, via traditional mail, and online. Almost every year we have spoken on both his birthday and then my birthday to convey birthday greetings. I have come to mark Bri's September birthday as not merely a precursor to my birthday, but as an event in and of itself worthy of the heartiest celebration - and believe me, we've done that.  Many, many times.

Last year, my newish neighbor, Ken, and I determined that we share a common birthday. And, while I am a firm believer that one's birthday is their very own special holiday, I'm sincerely ok sharing mine with Ken. As long as there is a bottle of wine involved, that is.

I started thinking recently about how friends flow in, and sometimes out, of our lives. It's almost as if we, as individuals, send out some sort of cosmic message which attracts people to us at different points in our lives. People who seemingly have very different interests or experiences suddenly are more similar to us than previously thought and connections are made. And, amazingly enough, these individuals bring with them, in addition to their own personalities, a group of people - partners and friends and families. Isn't it magnificent?

Birthdays and friends are two things I will never complain about having more of in my life - there will always be room for a few more of each of them.

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