Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a restaurant for my birthday!!!

Ok, so maybe I didn't actually get a restaurant for my birthday, but I (along with the rest of you lucky Capital District denizens) did get a great new dining option. The Capital City Gastropub opened for business last night and it truly felt like a gift.  This place rocks!  Yes, yes, I work for Kevin Everleth at his Lark Street restaurant, but, I assure you, there is no nepotism in my assessment.  The CCG is the perfect spot for a date, a night out with friends or an evening meal with the family - it just has so much to offer.

Although Kevin took possession of the space less than a month ago there have been some positive improvements, with more still to come, of the interior.  Were you here when it was Pasquale's?  I always loved their pizza, but found it to be a bit pricey when feeding 3 hungry boys who can each pack away 3-4 slices each, especially when the pizza has a divine thin crust.  Anyway, the configuration is similar to what it was in the past with an open kitchen and seating for 40+.  Eventually there will be an actual bar with seating, which is a good thing - they're going to need all the chairs they can find.  Last night at about 7:30 when we arrived, there were not many tables available, and that was without any real advertising.  This place is going to be busy!

Kerry and Jason
I have to say, the most challenging part of the evening was deciding what to eat.  And drink.  There are so many directions that the menu can take you - vegetarian?  Pizza?  Daily meat, fish, vegetarian or sliders options?  Oh my goodness - I haven't even mentioned the beer list or the wine selection...this place will require many visits to cover the tantalizing options offered. 

I want to get this post up right now in case you don't have dinner plans.  I will revisit it tomorrow with some more details...
Beautiful beer taps

Pork Belly Banh-mi

Fried Smelts

Angus hangar steak frites - marrow Bordelaise

Fish Tacos (!!!)


  1. I can't wait to come home and try it.

  2. Oh man, I am so psyched to try this place. Now I'm thinking about how to finagle a visit this weekend in an already packed agenda...

  3. Very happy that this is within walking distance of my new house. After leaving Center Square I've been missing its variety of walkable date night dining options. Plus, smelts. I'm such a sucker for those li'l guys.

  4. After leaving Center Square I've been missing its variety of walkable date night dining options.