Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confession: at 45 years + 3 days

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I am vain.  Yep, there you have it.  In print.  Well, sort of in print.

I just went for my first run in my new year.  It was really hard - it was humid and I have been indulgent this week, as I should be.  Despite the challenges, I'm pleased I went because I always feel inspired when I run.  My appetite for fresh food and mental exercise is stimulated and I come home tired but anticipating the next opportunity to stretch my muscles, wanting just a little more...

My thoughts during those 4 miles this afternoon began with something  I wrote down before leaving the house:

It's not how far you go, it's how far you've come.

That statement sums up a big part of my life's philosophy.  Am I conceited or egotistical? Yes, both, but I earned every thread of confidence I wear.  There are so many ways a person's life can go and the fact that I am where I am at this exact moment in time is because of the choices I made and the work I've invested - in education, and building relationships, and living with the decisions I've made over the years.

There aren't many things I've wanted in my life that I haven't gotten.  Consider yourself warned.  The "things" I've wanted and haven't been able to hold on to, were never really "things," anyway.  I mean, I'll never know my father or trust my mother or have a husband for my entire life, but that all is about yesterday and I think overall, I'm doing ok.  Perhaps, even better than that.

Anticipating opportunities to stretch one's muscles and wanting a little more ain't just for running....


  1. I love your thoughts. Sil, you are a good person, and I'm glad we are friends.

  2. I meant to thank you for this comment today but was distracted by the donuts. You are a sweetie! And the appreciation for our being friends is mutual.