Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sausage & Peppers

Recently I saw a brand of Italian style chicken sausage at my local Price Chopper - Lupo's from Endicott, NY.  What initially attracted my attention was the sticker on the package stating that they were msg, whey and gluten free.  Now, I've never had an issue with any of those ingredients, but, I figured in most cases with sausage, less is more.  I picked up both available varieties - hot and sweet.  

Over the weekend I was looking for some easy comfort food and remembered the sausages in my freezer.  A quick thaw and some time on the grill and I ended up with some lovely, pleasantly spicy links.

There were a couple of beautiful red peppers in my crisper so I sliced them.  They went into some olive oil, along with a jumbo sweet onion and a couple of cloves of garlic, and cooked until they were tender and ever so sweet - the perfect counterpart for the hot sausage. 

You know how sausage can sometimes be a little dry? These were not dry at all!  They had a good snap to them, the casings were firm enough to hold the juicy goodness inside yet easily yielded to a knife - and my teeth.  I placed the sausage and peppers on a soft poppy seed roll and had the perfect quick dinner.  I like to think it was fairly nutritious, as far as these things go and it was unquestionably delicious.

sausage and peppers!


  1. Looks delicious. One of the "secrets" to my sausage and peppers is to start with the onion a minute or two ahead of the peppers and garlic to get the caramelization going.

    The chicken sausage you have there looks great.