Sunday, November 21, 2010

Albany Muni aka Capital Hills*

We've (that would be myself, Yas, Cassidy and Iris) made the transition from the Normanskill to the public golf course for dog walking purposes.  I love the golf course, but I enjoy it most when it is blanketed by a foot of snow and I've got my cross-country skis on.  That's right - not a golfer.  It is a lovely place, however,  to take a walk, snow or no snow.  Here's a few snapshots to prove it:
Cool trees on the first hill

The remains of summer

Riot of color

Berry sky


Nest available for sublet

Oak leaf beauty
* I prefer Albany Muni to Capital Hills and will probably always call it that.  Kind of like the Knickerbocker Arena.


  1. great pictures!! my snapshots are engrained in my memory :)

  2. Long live The Knick!

  3. totally Albany Muni. Wonderpup and I have made some ventures there much more satisfying than the dog park - for both of us!