Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Historic Albany Foundation Built Event

This is probably Lori Hansen's work.  Let's hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed it.

Saturday night I spent a little time pouring wine and beer  at a terrific event at the NYS Museum.  Now, you know I've been spending my Saturday nights (until recently) working, so this going-out-Saturday-thing is still pretty novel to me.  The reception, show and auction that I got to attend, as a perk for my karma-banking or volunteering, provided me an opportunity to mix and mingle with an entirely new crowd of people - artists! 

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of the event.  Suffice it to say there was some really cool art - lots of photographs, some sculptures, drawings and paintings, decorated plates and a gorgeous cabinet.  There were lots of people who did remember their cameras and I'd like to think all those pictures I saw being snapped will eventually show up somewhere where they can be viewed and you can appreciate what you may have missed.  I'm kind of a novice when it comes to these art events, so I personally didn't buy anything, although I did bid on one piece.  The drawing I found myself attracted to was actually made my neighbor here in the DelSo, Ken Ragsdale.  We've already established I know nothing about art - in case you think I'm merely being modest, allow me to remove any doubt from your mind.  It was a pencil drawing (?) and the first thing I noticed about it was the simplicity of the image as it was depicted without color.  The second thing I noted was the word "Arcadia," the name of our street.  The last thing I recognized was that the scene was a perspective of our block - and it was Ken's work.  Cool beans!  I placed a bid (above the opening price, I might add) and then never made it back to re-bid because I was occupied pouring wine (with Elissa Halloran!) and, since I was paranoid about bidding on multiple items and winning all of them, this was my sole attempt at bringing some local art flavor into my home.  Next time, I'm going bigger - promise.

There was plenty of food being butlered, as well as presented in various stations, around the Terrace Gallery.  I nibbled on some tuna sashimi served on a mound of seaweed salad, and a random piece of sushi or two - delish. I believe the catering was handled by The Lily and the Rose and they did an excellent job circulating with tidbits and replenishing the stations as necessary.  Capital Wine and Spirits provided the wine and excellent local beer from both sides of the Hudson, and the atmosphere was definitely festive - there was even a very large band playing jazz standards and some swing.  My final observation about the night is about the attendees - they were a really cool looking crowd.  Lots of unique individuals, women creatively dressed; many with ultra hip hosiery and/or shoes, men unafraid to strut their peacock feathers...it was certainly a feast for all of the senses. Put it on your calendar for next year - and I'll try to remember my camera.

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