Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veteran's breakfast @Victor's

After an evening of great food and wine, we headed out for breakfast and shopping.  The plan was to head to the Meat Packing District to grab some food and then shop and sight see our way to Macy's.  In my experience any eating establishment with the word "Diner" in the name, usually satisfies, and Victor's was no exception.  The location was handy (Little W 12th and Washington), the prices were fair, the food was solid and thoughtfully prepared, and the service was stellar.  I can't remember our server's name, but she was dynamite - funny, considerate and invested in her job. 
View NE
We ordered a variety of items including a Florentine omelet (spinach and feta), eggs sunny side up, well-done home-fries, crispy french fries, toasted bagel, coffee... We were sharing some stuff (how tiresome we must be to the restaurant servers who so indulge us!) and we were given share plates without a request being necessary.  The food was hot and appropriately proportioned to give us a good foundation for a day's shopping without weighing us down. The coffee was rich in flavor, if only a little poor in body.  Not a real complaint, just an observation. 
The ideal shared breakfast.

Although I didn't think of it during the meal, as I'm writing now, I'm thinking about what a lucky group of people we Americans are.  I imagine the only thing better than living in a country which honors its patriots and warriors, would be living in a country in which veterans and war were unknown.  If everyone in the world could start their day with a breakfast as yummy as ours, maybe we could celebrate 11/11 for entirely different reasons. 

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